P20 Brisbane

P20 Brisbane is a series of events created for the public to encourage community awareness and engagement in G20 issues and themes.

Can Women Fix Capitalism?

  • Would the world really be a better place if there were more female leaders in business and government?
  • What are the benefits of applying feminine values to leadership and management?
  • Should women even try to fix capitalism, and if so, where do we start?

Despite major progress in terms of the role of women in society, it can be argued that there is still a long way to go. Inspired by the concept of Conscious Capitalism, the recent McKinsey Quarterly article "Can Women Fix Capitalism?" and the book The Athena Doctrine, this event aims to explore the potential social and economic benefits of having more women in top-level positions around the globe. 

During this lunch event, six inspiring, passionate, and accomplished local women - five of whom are members of the Australian Harvard Women business network and have attended the Women's Leadership Forum at Harvard Business School will go head to head in a clever, yet slightly tongue-in-cheek debate on whether or not "Women Can Fix Capitalism."

Come and discover their opinion about how women may shape the future world society, and enjoy their debate.



5 members of Australian Harvard Women

- Monique Beedles

- Helen Brodie

- Marie-Claire Grady

- Lesley-Anne Houghton

- Heather Watson

- Bella Vecchio


12 - 2 pm  11 November 2014



Blackbird Bar & Grill

123 Eagle Street

Brisbane CBD 4000

Phone 07 3229 1200



Debate between the affirmative and negative teams (3 members each) followed by questions from the audience.

A two-course lunch will be served during the event.



10% of each ticket sold will be donated to the Cherish Foundation.



$149 includes entrance to the event, lunch, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and a donation to the Cherish Foundation.



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