P20 Brisbane

P20 Brisbane is a series of events created for the public to encourage community awareness and engagement in G20 issues and themes.


P20 Brisbane aims to have a positive social impact. Therefore, we have selected a different charity for each event, to support causes we believe in.


AUSTRALIA ZOO WILDLIFE WARRIORS - This non-profit foundation aims to protect injured, threatened or endangered wildlife – from the individual animal to an entire species. More info.

CHERISH - Cherish aims to help women who are facing gynaecological cancers by raising funds for research into disease prevention and less invasive medical treatments. More info.

LEARNING POTENTIAL FUND - The objective of this QUT foundation is to help students who face financial difficulties to afford higher education. More info.


WOMEN'S LEGAL SERVICES - This organization provides legal support to women in the areas of family law, child support, domestic violence and child protection. More info.