P20 Brisbane

P20 Brisbane is a series of events created for the public to encourage community awareness and engagement in G20 issues and themes.

The Future of Employment

With half of all known jobs predicted to be replaced by smart computers and robots in the near future, what will it take to enjoy a thriving, long-lasting career? As complete industries are being disrupted we need to ask how we, our children and grandchildren will be able to find and enjoy rewarding outlets for our talents.

In the past, disciplinary expertise was taught and revered.  But the future will favour those able to develop and apply mental models that empower them to make good judgments, create new opportunities and remain agile and resilient in complex, fast-changing environments.  

Join Professor Peter Little for a powerful keynote address on the Future of Employment that will challenge and inspire the audience to consider:

  • Despite, cravings for more certainty, how do we manage our own obligation to continually evolve?

  • As parents, how do we prepare our children for a world of uncertainty and change?

  • As educators, how do we adapt our institutions and programs to equip employees of the future and maintain our own relevance?

  • As employers, how do we ensure we attract the best talent for the future - those with both the mindset and skillset for their roles? And,

  • As leaders, how do we move the whole organisation along to create teams of intellectually agile people? And how do we ensure that our organisation continues to flourish?







12 - 2pm 6 November 2014



Restaurant Two

2 Edward St

Brisbane QLD 4000

phone 07 3210 0600



Presentation by Professor Peter Little followed by panel interview and questions from the audience.

A two course lunch will be served during the proceedings.



10% of each ticket sold will be donated to the Women's Legal Service



$129 includes entrance to the event, lunch, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and a donation to the Women's Legal Service.



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