P20 Brisbane

P20 Brisbane is a series of events created for the public to encourage community awareness and engagement in G20 issues and themes.

Jon Lindsay

As Community Chair for The Executive Connection (TEC) in Queensland and personally mentoring some 30 CEO members, Jon helps the leaders of many of Queensland’s most successful mid-sized companies adapt to the ever increasing volatility in their chosen markets.

Jon’s own career as a business leader in engineering, manufacturing and financial services, together with a track record as an innovator and leader of industry change, has enabled him to help his diverse members adapt to changes in technology, markets and business models.

Over most of the last 25 years Jon has been driving businesses to reposition themselves in a global market including industrial textiles, man-made fibres and trade credit insurance. Jon is also Managing Consultant for S A Partners, global pioneers in developing the leadership skills to implement Lean thinking for sustainable and profitable growth.

Jon graduated with an MA in Engineering from Cambridge and a MBA from Harvard University. Despite a strong academic background, he believes passionately that business leaders learn so much more from a genuine understanding of the real world and from their peers and that the learning process can never stop.