P20 Brisbane

P20 Brisbane is a series of events created for the public to encourage community awareness and engagement in G20 issues and themes.

Speaker Profiles

Australian Harvard Women - Can Women Fix Capitalism? Five women with different roles and backgrounds, who have participated in the "Women's Leadership Innovation Forum". More info. 


Monique Beedles - Can Women Fix Capitalism? Dr Monique Beedles is Principal Strategy Advisor at Teak Yew. Monique works with leaders and their teams to clarify their vision, and to build the practical capabilities required to sustain long-term growth. More info.

Helen Brodie - Can Women Fix Capitalism? Helen Brodie is a senior executive and corporate adviser with a proven track record in leadership, management, strategy, corporate governance and transformation. More info.

Jordan Duffy - The Future of Employment. 20 year old Queenslander who has abandoned the traditional path of higher education to successfully pursue his own entrepreneurial adventures. More info.

Nigel Fischer - The Future of Employment. As Senior Partner at Pitcher Partners in Brisbane, Nigel has a strong understanding and appreciation for issues affecting the firm’s broad client base and in particular the challenges of running a dynamic privately owned business. More info.

Tracey Gosling - Building Revenue Resilience in a Dynamic World. Tracey Gosling is Director of State Government Sector & Queensland at Australian Post. The variety of her experience and roles highlights her strengths of adaptability, leadership and transformation, crucial skills for leading an organization subject to disruption, such as Australian Post. More info.

Marie-Claire Grady - Can Women Fix Capitalism? Marie-Claire Grady is a Customer Focus Specialist who helps leaders deliver results by aligning strategy with customer needs, and improving customer and employee experience to deliver strategic outcomes. More info.

Lesley-Anne Houghton - Can Women Fix Capitalism? Lesley-Anne’s primary role is General Manager of Conexus - a consulting business specialising in organisational development solutions in Safety and Leadership. More info.

Peter Little - The Future of Employment. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Corporate Programs and Partnerships), Peter has been a Professor at QUT for nearly 20 years. He is passionate about education and its power. More info.

jon linsday.jpeg

Jon Lindsay - Building Revenue Resilience in a Dynamic World. As Community Chair for The Executive Connection (TEC) in Queensland and personally mentoring some 30 CEO members, Jon helps the leaders of many of Queensland’s most successful mid-sized companies adapt to the ever increasing volatility in their chosen markets. More info.

Andrew Murrell - Building Revenue Resilience in a Dynamic World. Andrew has more than 15 years of experience in the banking industry, in Communication, Marketing, Strategy and Operations. At the moment, he is General Manager Digital and Direct Channels at Bank of Queensland. More info.

Michael Rosemann - Building Revenue Resilience in a Dynamic World. Professor and Head of the Information Systems School, Science and Engineering Faculty at Queensland University of Technology. His passion is helping organizations to develop and introduce new practices to overcome present constraints. More info.

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Lee-AnnePerry - The Future of Employment. Dr Lee-Anne Perry is Principal of All Hallows’ School, Brisbane, an independent Catholic school for girls from Years 5-12 with over 1400 students. More info.

Isabella Vecchio - Can Women Fix Capitalism? Isabella Vecchio is the current Youth Governor of Queensland and is the public representative for youth across Queensland's 89 electorates the state. More info.

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Heather Watson - Can Women Fix Capitalism? Heather has broad experience across the nonprofit sector, having acted for and been a member of many community and charitable organisations.  Her expertise covers aged health and community services, affordable housing and indigenous communities. More info.


You - If I was Prime Minister. Come and present what would be your priorities if you were Prime Minister. More info.