P20 Brisbane

P20 Brisbane is a series of events created for the public to encourage community awareness and engagement in G20 issues and themes.

Jordan Duffy

Jordan Duffy was born in 1994. At a young age he moved to Mount Tambourine where he lived a hands-on country childhood. In 2014, Jordan returned to the Redlands. In 2008, Jordan was selected to travel to Beijing to participate in the Olympic orchestra and in 2009, Jordan began his first entrepreneurial pursuit with DigiScore - a scoring platform for Equestrian sports.

In 2010, Jordan was diagnosed with lymphoma. Jordan graduated Sheldon College in 2011, and after one day of university dropped out to start B&D Consultants. Later that year, Jordan relapsed and developed severe chronic abdominal pain,  which he still manages. As a result of this, Jordan is a strong advocate for health research and projects. 

 In 2013, B&D moved into its first office in Redland Bay. Today, B&D employs over 18 staff and caters to both the ASX and international clients. Jordan is a G20 YEA summit delegate, a member of the G20 Monitoring and Compliance and G20 Research Projects, and is a judge for numerous business awards through Australia.

Alongside this, Jordan and his partner Alex have a number of other ventures throughout Australia with other leading entrepreneurs, including the founders of the NSX stock exchange. Jordan now works with the Government and various foundations in the development of education and entrepreneurship culture.